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The Radiant Tarot

The Radiant Tarot


The Radiant Tarot Pathway to Creativity 78 Cards, Full-Color Guide Book, Deluxe Keepsake Box by Alexandra Eldridge and Tony Barnstone Richly painted, at times fantastical, fine art images of plants, animals, and people co-inhabit a dream-like world guiding tarot readers down a radiant path of awakening creativity and personal growth. The creation of The Radiant Tarot deck was born from the author and artist’s years of working with archetypal images, the universal symbolic language. Sentient animal and plant kingdoms animate the artwork, honoring and acknowledging the interconnectedness of all life. The art is inspired by “Gaia mind,” where all creation’s forms—animal, vegetable, mineral—affect our precious planet in life-supporting ways.

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